At J.E. Oswalt and Sons, our range of rigging services includes specialized heavy lift equipment or custom lift systems required for your project. These lift systems may incorporate jacking systems, specialized spreader bars, self tailing systems, hydraulic gantries, hydraulic slide systems, and other customized rigging solutions.  As needed we will include custom fabrication services in our engineered lift plans.
We specialize in delivering our projects on time and on budget.  In addition, our engineered rigging plans are designed not only to safely secure your load, but protect it from damage during transport, while assuring the safety of those involved in the project.

As you well know, rigging services need to be of the highest quality so that your load is not damaged as a result of improper set up and use of fixtures, hauling equipment and other rigging equipment. To help assure the safety of your project, we upgrade our inventory on a regular basis. All equipment safety and suitability is certified through post-use quality control checks and Load Proof Tests when requested.